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ICSA conferences

A central mission of our Association is to organize ICSA, the International Conference on Structures and Architecture. It is held triennially and is the world’s leading global conference bridging the gap between Structures and Architecture.
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Diverse environment

ICSA conferences offer a diverse environment open to anyone committed to contribute to a deepened integration of structures and architecture for the betterment of the built environment. We work constantly to attract upcoming and leading researchers, educators and practitioners within this cross-field by:

  • Nurturing emerging areas of research towards a viable development of the built environment
  • Exploring the connective- and situational potential of the conference format
  • Developing innovative forms of dissemination that cross feed research, education and practice

ICSA2025 – Restructure, REmaterialize, REthink, Reuse

The sixth ICSA conference, which will be held in Antwerp, Belgium is conceptualized a cross disciplinary workshop, calling for reimagination of current practices intersecting structures and architecture in response to the pressing global environmental, social and economic crisis.

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ICSA2022 – A viable urban perspective?

The fifth ICSA conference, held in Aalborg, Denmark explored the synergetic potentials of structures and architecture in the context of viable urban perspectives, and introduced a new experimental contribution format intended to join forces across academia and practice though physical prototypes.

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ICSA2019 – Crossing Borders

The fourth ICSA conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal explored the potentials and conditions for crossing the disciplinary borders of structures and architecture across research, education and practice outlining new agendas collaboration of architects and engineers.

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ICSA2016 – Beyond Limits

The third ICSA conference held in Guimarães, Portugal further consolidated the strong, open and caring community emerging from the ICSA conference series, announcing the founding of IASA, The International Association of Structures and Architecture at the closing of the conference.

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ICSA2013 – Concepts, Applications and Challenges

The second ICSA conference was held in Guimarães, Portugal and identified a series of synergetic concepts and applications, but also challenges to be overcome, towards a methodological integration of structures and architecture.

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ICSA2010 – Bridging the Gap

The first ICSA conference, held in Guimarães Portugal was the first international conference that bridged the gap between architecture and structural engineering. The conference simultaneously founded the strong community of architects and engineers that make IASA today.

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