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TAD: Call for papers

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TAD’s Next Issue: The Many Dimensions of “Coding”

TECHNOLOGY | ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN (TAD) is delving into ‘coding’ in its upcoming issue. From regulatory building frameworks to the intricate computer codes driving modern architectural software, the term ‘coding’ has become pivotal.

Key Points:

  1. Regulatory vs. Computerized Codes: The dichotomy of building compliance and the digital realm.
  2. Constraints & Potential: How codes shape, limit, and inspire architectural practices.
  3. Future Outlook: Exploring socio-political implications and envisioning revolutionary futures in architecture.

Call for Contributions

TAD invites innovative insights from scholars, practitioners, and students on the multifaceted relationship between coding and architecture. While themed submissions are encouraged, all research aligning with TAD’s mission is welcome.

Submission Details:

– Help in shaping the future of architectural discourse.

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