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AM Perspectives 1

Written by Bruno Figueiredo

AM Perspectives: Research in additive manufacturing for architecture and construction

AM Perspectives 1 is the first issue of a periodical centred on the presentation and discussion of emerging research in the field of Additive Manufacturing in Architecture and Construction. This issue results from a collaboration between the Landscapes, Heritage and Territory Laboratory, University of Minho (Lab2PT); Architecture, Construction and Technology Hub, University of Minho (ACTech Hub); Institute of Structural Mechanics + Design, TU Darmstadt (ISM+D); the Generative Design Lab, TU Darmstadt (GDL); Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft; Stichting OpenAccess Platforms (SOAP).

Editors: Bruno Figueiredo, Philipp L. Rosendahl, Michela Turrin, Ulrich Knaack, Paulo J. S. Cruz.

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